My name is Fabrizia Vezzari. After graduating from High School, I worked for 20 years in my family's Company as an accountant. It was in 2014 I decided to change my life and I attended the Independent University of Developmental Growth “Bleyssou” founded and managed by  Lucia Giovannini.  Later, I became a professional Coach and and achieved my diploma as Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistics and Semantics. Since a young age, I have been interested in human relations and how the Humans react to different situations in different environments .I strongly believe that the human mind not only adapts to different situations but also changes the way we think, inducing us to reach acceptance. Psychology has also been one my interest in life, focusing on how to improve human self esteem.

Nowadays, I mainly work with children , improving their self-esteem , focusing on  how to deal with daily negative occurrences such as bully or obesity related to family problems.


Learn how to appreciate yourself,what you do think about yourself is by far more important than

what other people think about you.





I would like to knowledge and to thank all those extraordinary ,supportive and caring people who helped me during my studies and later in life. Without them I would not be the person I am now.

A special thank and recognition to Alessandro Ferrari, charismatic business coach for guiding me through my personal development, to the incomparable and cheerful Joe Wilson and Andy Cole, and last-but not least-my supportive parents Giuliana and Luigi, my true Masters of life, who always believed in me.

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