A personal path to improve human relations.


Only Coexistence with themselves is a more challenging condition than

coexistence with others"



The aim is to built a strong bond  between communication and relations, eased by high quality.



All the people who want to better understand human relations , for people in a relationship, or those who want to improve themselves, their work relations or in general for better understand  the environment in which they live.


ADVANTAGE;Reasons to participate to the classes.

  • To find your personal balance and stability within the family, with your partner, in your working environment 
  • to better understand relational ties in life
  • to disengage yourself from guilt and resentment
  • to understand forgiveness to better comprehend ourselves



In these Classes we will:

  • Highlight myths to be debunked in relations.
  • Analyse the concept of “restrictive believe”
  • how to compare oneself  with different type of relations.
  • Defence mechanism we engage when we start a relation.
  • How to find the right partner



Weekly meeting,  four times a week , every class lasts 2 h. and 30 minutes.

Profession regulated by Italian Law 4/2003




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