The magic of emotions.

How to recognise, understand and control emotions.


In every meeting, you will recognise how to understand emotions and their causes.

This course will help every girl and boy how to not be overwhelmed by emotions and it will provide the right support to achieve consciousness and acceptance of themselves.


Who will benefit from this course.

All the children, girls and boys between 4 and 10 years of age, can benefit from it. Children can reach an healthy self esteem and interpersonal social skills, to help them to cope and solve out problems as bullying in school, anorexia or bulimia, etc.


WHY to participate :

  • to recognise emotions
  • to understand the difference between emotional and physical pain and pleasure
  • to perceive and discern positive and negative thinking.
  • to learn about their own value
  • to have a correct point of view on adulthood. 



This course will help the children how to understand and press properly emotions. There will be interactive activities , with video supports.

  • How emotions look like
  • Spiritual and external emotions.
  • Difference between advantageous and deleterious thinking
  • Self esteem for bys and girls 
  • Communication as a personal development.



6 meetings, once a week, every meeting lasts 2 h. 30 mins,


Profession regulated by Italian Law 4/2003




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